Health Economics

Key Data:

Country-specific total annualised direct cost (TADC)

CountryUK – N=2,347Spain – N=1,949France – N=1,221Italy – N=1,518Germany – N=2,823
CostMean (SEM) (£)%Mean (SEM) (€)%Mean (SEM) (€)%Mean (SEM) (€)%Mean (SEM) (€)%
Drug113 (4.9)4.0136.7 (5.5)11.0369.2 (13.6)21.7106.2 (5.3)6.9277.9 (6.6)11.1
Inpatient2,118.3 (186.0)74.1793.5 (127.6)63.91,109.9 (180.1)65.21,294.7 (362.4)83.71,968.5 (166.1)78.6
Outpatient625.5 (16.6)21.9311.0 (26.1)25.1222.9 (18.8)13.1145.9 (25.7)9.4257.6 (76.0)10.3
Total2,857.3 (187.8)1001,241.2 (131.7)1001,702.0 (181.2)1001,546.8 (363.4)1002,504.1 (183.4)100

AF imposes a high financial, economic and human burden to society. Based on population dynamics, the burden is likely to grow in the future.

Key Abstracts: 

The burden of atrial fibrillation in the more populated European countries: perspectives from the GARFIELD-AF registry. European Society of Cardiology (Barcelona, Spain, 26th August -30th August 2017) – Mantovani L et al  and on behalf of GARFIELD-AF.

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16 Jun 21

Global status

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Total patients 57,262
Recruitment Recruitment closed
Study end: 2018

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